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Beat your Greens – How much can you trust your politics?

There’s a campaign being run by an outfit called OnePulse, they run the UK’s fastest app for measuring public opinion. They’re having a bit of fun in the run up to the UK’s big day on June 8 by asking some interesting questions and, aspart of this PR push to raise awareness of their service have a campaign of their own called ‘Gritty Britty’.

It's uncovering some interesting intel ahead of the election that may sway your choice at the ballot box. They’ve revealed that a whopping 80% of Green Party supporters admitted to cheating on a test, game or person. Well, well, well, once you've gathered your jaw from the floor here's how the other party members fair:

1) Green Party (80%)

2) UKIP (66%)

3) Liberal Democrats (65%)

4) Conservatives (63%)

5) Labour (61%)

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