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A minute at the table-top with... Matt Edmondson

TV presenter, Radio One DJ, board game designer

Welcome to our occasional series - A minute at the table-top with... - where we have a quick chat with someone from the social board gaming world. Today it's Matt Edmondson, inventor of Obama Llama and Rainbow Rage, and a regular face at Board Game Club.

You’re only allowed to play one game for the rest of your life - name it:

This is a challenge. It would probably have to be Absolute Balderdash. I just love it. I reckon I could play it for hours. Failing that, Colt Express - what a game!

Describe the perfect board game in three words:

Addictive, social, short.

Three people, living or dead, are coming to play your favourite game with you tonight. Who are they and what’s the game?

I would have to have Barack, Michelle and the kids over to play Obama Llama wouldn't I? Who could resist that promo opportunity?!

Which game to do you wish you’d invented?

Gobbit. It's so simple. It's so easy to learn. It's so portable. It's so much fun. It upsets me how good it is every time I play it.

Name a game to go in the board game Room 101:

Mysterium. I have no idea how on earth it got made. I would love to have been in the pitch meeting for it. So many parts! So many complex rules! A random crow. It wasn't for me.

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