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A minute at the table-top with... Billy Langsworthy

Co-founder, Mojo Nation

Welcome to our occasional series - A minute at the table-top with... - where we have a quick chat with someone from the social board gaming world. Today it's Billy Langsworthy, co-founder of Mojo Nation which celebrates and supports the toy and game design community.

You're only allowed to play one game for the rest of your life - name it

Argh! Tough one. Going with Exploding Kittens. It's a brilliant game that's an easy one for non-tabletop fanatics to embrace, and it does what all great games do best: makes the people you’re playing with entertaining.

Describe the perfect board game in three words

Hilarious. Tense. Moreish.

Three people, living or dead, are coming to play your favourite game with you tonight. Who are they and what's the game?

Let's say Woody Allen, Jerry Seinfeld, Louie CK, and Gloom. It would be a beautiful thing.

Which game to do you wish you'd invented?

Atmosfear, a game that made VHS tapes terrifying a whole seven years before Ring came along. Created by Philip Tanner and Brett Clements, it scared me as a kid as much as any horror movie, and a game that manages to be fun, innovative (you interacted with a ghoulish Gatekeeper via was 1991) and creepy as hell is a creation I wish I had in me.

Name a game to go in the board game Room 101

I'm going to say 'grabby games' in general for the simple reason that I'm crap at them. I'm 26, but watch me play Ghost Blitz and I look like an octogenarian at a finger buffet.

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