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SnapDice – magnetic dice rolling tray

Here to solve the perennial problem of over-enthusiastic dice rollers sending their six-sided cube further away from the playing surface than intended, is SnapDice. You could opt to purchase one of those retro pop-o-matic dice-rolling devices but this set-up simply oozes the class you’d want to portray at any board gaming gathering.

Using steel dice and rare earth magnets, SnapDice rolling tables are compact and available in eight different designs, each handmade with a magnetic strip in place at the end. Roll the dice and marvel as your cubes snap into position to reveal the result of your roll.

Each of the pips on the dice have been machined to different depths to offer perfect balance and you’ll get two with each set, in a choice of silver or gold finishes.

Starting at $129 and going up to $249 they’re fairly weighty price wise but will no doubt become the new focus of your gaming evenings.

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