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Rock legends, Queen, reveal their take on MONOPOLY

Universal Music Group’s industry-leading merchandise and brand management company Bravado together with global gaming outfit Winning Moves have joined forces and created MONOPOLY: Queen Edition game.


Winning Moves has created the special edition MONOPOLY: Queen Edition game that follows in the footsteps of one of the most iconic bands in history, from their humble beginnings on London’s smaller stages to global success.


Produced with the full collaboration of the band the game features six collectible Queen tokens and bespoke ‘houses’ and ‘hotels’ designed by Brian May. The game board hosts six gig venues from throughout Queen’s history from the band’s formation in 1970, right up to the 1986 Wembley and Knebworth shows and Freddie’s last appearances.


Players buy famous venues and charge admission, acquire colour sets and begin building staging blocks so you can charge higher prices. When you’ve upgraded to the full Queen production at ownership of four staging blocks you can charge top dollar for entry to your performances.


Take a chance with ‘A Kind of Magic’ and ‘In the Lap of the Gods’ cards- could be a career boost or find yourself in a tad of trouble.


From overseeing the development of the game Brian May, Queen’s guitarist and founding member said “I think fans will be enchanted by the depth of detail in this special Queen edition of an already well-loved game. We have subtly morphed the traditional property-developing journey of Monopoly into the real-life adventure of a rock band on the road. Players will plot a whole career, based on developing bigger and better shows in venues all around the globe. Join us and conquer the World !!!”


MONOPOLY: Queen Edition, available now from Winning Moves at £29.99.

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