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Kingdomino has done it – Spiel des Jahres 2017 in the bag

The sound of corks popping can be heard from the HQ of Pegasus Spiel who have just been awarded the most prestigious award of Spiel des Jahres 2017 – well done indeed.


Kingdomino takes the classic elements of dominoes, adds beautiful countryside themed art to the tiles and is all about building kingdoms.

As the jury put it: “Kingdomino lifts the time-honoured principle of dominoes to a new level – without losing any of the sleek elegance of its predecessor.”

The gameplay is easily explained: every round, each player receives one tile and adds it to his or her kingdom. Connecting landscapes of the same type depicting at least one crown, score points.

The jury comments: “the dual mechanics of planning the far-reaching lands surrounding the castle and the clever method of selecting tiles fit together extraordinarily well, they are expertly reduced to their essential components.”

Couldn’t have put it better ourselves, it’s a huge hit at our monthly meets.

Winners in the other categories were Ice Cool for best children’s game and the EXIT games from Thames & Kosmos for experts’ game of the year.

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