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A minute at the tabletop with... George Buckenham

George, Designer, Sensible Object - creators of Beasts of Balance

You're only allowed to play one game for the rest of your life - name it

Android: Netrunner (if I am doomed to this terrible fate, I hope they keep making it!)


Describe the perfect board game in three words

Having fun together. It's about the people you're playing with, not the game.


Three people, living or dead, are coming to play your favourite game with you tonight - who are they and what's the game?

Picasso, Dali & Warhol. And we play A Fake Artist Goes To New York. I would lose so bad.


Which game do you wish you'd invented?

Imagine having invented Nine Men's Morris, or Chess. Or Bingo! Or even Werewolf... There's plenty of amazing, intricate games being made today, but imagine making something that lasts for thousands of years.


Name a game to go in the board game Room 101

Scrabble. I'm just really bad at anagrams.

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