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A minute at the tabletop with... Tom Quinn

Inventor of The Game of THINGS...

We'll be playing The Game of THINGS... at our next grown-up games night (more info here) so it's the perfect time to have a quick chat with the game's inventor, Tom Quinn...

You are only allowed to play one game for the rest of your life - name it:

Scrabble. The simplicity speaks to me. I’m an English Literature major and love words.


Describe the perfect game in three words:

Addictive, Creative, Humorous.


Three people, living or dead, are coming to play your favourite game with you tonight - who are they and what's the game?

I would like to play "The Game of THINGS…" with:

  • WILL FERRELL - One of my favourite comedic actors.  Just hearing his name makes me smile.
  • RICKY GERVAIS - Because I want to "have a laugh”.
  • ROBIN WILLIAMS - We had comedian friends in common that were playing THINGS… at a home in San Francisco the year before he passed away. Robin showed up mid-game and I was lucky enough to sit with him as they played. We laughed so hard we had to hold each other up. 

Which game do you wish you'd invented?

Cards Against Humanity - simply because of all the money they have made.


Name a game to go in the board game Room 101:

Trump, The Game.

I only played it once many years ago but somehow it feels like I’m still playing it everyday.


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