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A minute at the table-top with... Leslie Scott

Inventor of Jenga

Today we chat to Lesley Scott of Oxford Games, inventor of Jenga and one of the judges on this year's D&AD New Blood Awards jury for the Hasbro/Big Potato brief.

You’re only allowed to play one game for the rest of your life - name it:

I can’t think of a single game that I’m passionate enough about to want to play it - and only it - for the rest of my life. Except LIFE itself, of course!

Describe the perfect board game in three words:




Three people, living or dead, are coming to play your favourite game with you tonight. Who are they and what’s the game?

Samuel Johnson, ''arguably the most distinguished man of letters in English history’ ; Bob Peirce, British diplomat, dear friend and splendid wordsmith; Will Self, author and consummate logophile. We'd play Anagram; the ingenious game of juggling words - this is Oxford Games Ltd's challenging version of the clever but rather plodding Victorian game of Word Making Word Taking.

Which game to do you wish you’d invented?

Boggle. By now you will have probably spotted that I like fast, competitive games that involve playing around with words - which may seem odd given that I’m best known for devising a game that involves playing around with wooden blocks and requires no language at all!

Name a game to go in the board game Room 101:


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