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Crate idea - subscription boxes for board-gamers

There are subscription boxes of all manner on offer, for every type of person - foodies to crafters, sock-lovers to beauty fans - so it's only fair that board gamers should have some options too.

There are a few on offer already from Board Game Bento in the US to Board Game Crate over here in the UK – but now Hasbro looks like it will become the first big tabletop publisher to start directly offering its own bundles of games to tabletop fans.


Hasbro Gaming Crate has only been announced for the US at the moment, but it marks a major step into an arena thus far dominated by small start-ups or even just passionate individuals.


Hasbro’s box will be quarterly, arriving every three months for the price of $50. To begin with, there'll be two types of box: one with more accessible, kid-friendly family games and the other boasting adult-orientated party titles.


The first Hasbro Gaming Crate will arrive this summer, no word of a UK release yet but let's see how it goes.